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About Us, Who Are We?


With an impressively diverse team of PhD-level scientists brings extensive knowledge and expertise to all our services. This comprehensive understanding allows us to provide innovative and scientific solutions at the highest level to clients. Tunley Environmental is wholly committed to the decarbonization of the Earth.

Our science-based approach and commercial aptitude ensures we identify realistic opportunities to reduce the negative impact your organization and products have on the environment. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we strive to create a positive and supportive work environment. 


What are the benefits of working for Tunley Environmental?

At Tunley, we offer a comprehensive list of perks and advantages to our valued team members. We value our team and like to ensure that they have the right work-life balance.

Take a look at our added benefits here.

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Our mission is to accelerate sustainability globally, we are going to do this by:




Desirability & Benefits





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As a company, we encompass the values of:


Future Focused


Employee & Customer-Centric


"Our mission is to globally accelerate sustainability through education and delivery of varying sustainability assessments. We prioritize raising carbon literacy, delivering real change through thorough carbon and biodiversity assessments, expediting transformation, and showcasing the tangible benefits of sustainable initiatives. Our commitment recognizes the importance of preserving our natural world. We believe sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity, and we strive to be a transformative force in creating a resilient and sustainable future for all."

Dr William Beer, CEO



Frank Tunley, Dr Will Beer’s great-grandfather, was a pattern maker for Laycock Engineering in Sheffield. From the 1920s until the 1960s, he worked on a wide range of power transmission and garage equipment products. 

Will and Peter have always been fascinated by engineering and design. For many years, they have repaired and re-built motorcycles and cars in their spare time, and they’re continually looking to create new designs that could improve the world.

Will and Peter’s passion for engineering and their concern for the environment led to the creation of Tunley Engineering. With their deep knowledge and experience in engineering, they saw an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world by helping businesses reduce their carbon emissions. Their vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future inspired them to build a successful carbon reduction business that has since helped numerous clients to achieve their environmental goals.


The early concept of what would later become ‘Tunley Engineering’ began in 2016 by Dr William Beer, who through his Engineering Experience realized, just by improvement of processes you could make long-lasting changes to lead times. Regularly William would complete four hours early morning before work.


Tunley Engineering’ becomes a registered company and William Beer commits fully to building a company. Supporting those that ‘design what they sell’ to improve lead times and processes. In the year 2017, Tunley landed it's first customer.


After great success, Tunley landed it’s first global contract! Going even further and adopting a Cloud-based Business Management System (BMS) in Q3 of 2018. Tunley also achieved ISO9001:2015 in Q4 ensuring its commitment to quality.


After seeing a significant percent turnover growth the company grew by 50% from 2018. Shortly after, the number of positive testimonials began to skyrocket. After numerous assessments we expanded into providing training solutions to engineers. Our company turnover increased by 111% on the previous year.


Like many companies, Covid forced us to rethink how we operate. Tunley was already working 100% remotely so we continued to provide high-quality support without needing to be on-site. Our company turnover increased by 8% on the previous year.


The launch of ‘Engineering a Decarbonized Future’ saw Tunley Engineering’s most ambitious move to date. Assembling a team of market leading carbon experts with a passion to make a difference. 2021 saw Tunley Engineering not only deliver its most impressive growth to date, but help our customers make a positive impact on reducing their carbon emissions. Our company turnover increased by 100% on the previous year.


Over time we have seen substantial growth in our Embodied Carbon Assessments and an increased in re-occurring revenue contracts. Our company turnover increased by 53% on the previous year.


Since starting, 2023 is currently our highest employment year, with 17 members of staff, of which 10 are Scientists. Our company turnover is predicted to increase by 189% on the previous year. In the year 2023, Tunley expanded and Tunley Engineering became Tunley Environmental, covering a more sustainable outlook on the future with services covering environmental and biodiversity needs and requirements.

In November 2023, Tunley introduced three new services under the arm of biodiversity. Biodiversity is becoming ever more apparent in businesses, the need to show what your impact is and what you are doing to show a 10% Net Gain. Our three new services are; Biodiversity Footprint Assessment and Biodiversity Net Gain.


We are exceptionally proud of the work we complete and good it is doing for the World. Here is a snippet of some of the organizations we have helped start their Net Zero journey.


“The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how the unimaginable can change the world overnight. Human-made climate change has the same potential to impact our world and requires the right decisions and urgent action now. Optima Products Ltd has committed to achieving net zero GHG emissions in its own operations by 2035, as a manufacturer this will necessitate significant changes. We have therefore engaged with Tunley Environmental to partner us in delivering this commitment.”
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Christian MabeyManaging Director
“At Sound United, one of our core values is that 'Our Obligation is Bigger than Us'. When implementing ESG, we needed to understand our baseline for carbon footprint in order to understand how we could reduce our impact on the environment. Tunley Environmental's knowledgeable team of professionals knew what we were looking to do, and worked quickly with our global team to gather and analyse our data. Throughout the process, they were easy to work with and on time on their delivery schedule. I highly recommended Tunley's service.”
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Leeanne SchererSR. Director of Global Service Operations
“Tunley Environmental has been a joy to work with. They made a complicated process easy to navigate and answered my many questions quickly and thoroughly. I highly recommend them.”
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Tim MayhoProject and Property Manager
“Stacey and Gareth were excellent in explaining the onboarding process and info gathering, taking much of the worry away from us and produced a really professional report and recommendations for achieving net zero. I would not hesitate to recommend Tunley Environmental to anyone considering starting on their carbon reduction journey.”
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Andrew SwindleyManaging Director
“Tunley Environmental has been great support through our carbon assessments. Torill completed an embodied carbon report on one of our products, we used the embodied carbon report and submitted to MAKE UK sustainability regional awards and won for our region. Great to be working with Tunley Environmental and the team and look forward to reaching our goal of net zero which I know we can with the support and expertise of the team.”
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Scott CommonsHSQE Manager