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Gareth is a new addition to the ever-growing Tunley carbon reduction team. He holds an undergraduate master’s degree in pure chemistry (MChem) and a PhD in chemical engineering. This provides him with a strong problem solving and practical mindset which he is utilising to enable real carbon reduction strategies.

His PhD research at the University of Sheffield was mainly in the field of materials chemistry with an environmental focus. A large part of this was in developing a renewable source of adsorbents and catalysts from waste materials.

After completing his PhD, Gareth focused on developing innovative technologies that enable the permanent sequestration of CO2 within concrete. Technology such as this is essential for the construction industry which is currently the only industry with no clear roadmap for net-zero emissions.

Personally speaking, Gareth produces between 200-300 pounds of fruit and vegetables in his small end terrace garden every year. Making a variety of jams, and pickles to enjoy throughout the winter. While he aspires to eventually own a self-sustaining homestead, he remains committed to continuously learning from his gardening errors until that aspiration becomes a reality.

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"It is energising to work with intelligent and motivated scientists all of which are dedicated to the perceived Sisyphean task of decarbonisation. Working at Tunley has shattered the image that combating climate change is impossible and I hope that we can show other businesses the light at the end of the tunnel."

Gareth Davies