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Tara holds an MSc degree in Conservation Biology with focus on ecosystem services and ecosystem health and is in the process of acquiring her PhD “Quantifying links between biodiversity, hydrological events, and climate change within the Peruvian Amazon” in Conservation Biology, which aims to provide insight on current climate change impacts in the Amazon as well as predictive modelling for insight on future impacts.

Tara is a Conservation Scientist with a range of experiences within conservation and ecology research including tropical ecology, marine conservation, ecosystem services, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity loss, biodiversity risk assessments, and ecological modelling.  Tara has ongoing field research with an NGO based in South America which monitors species conservation and climate change impacts within the tropics. Tara is passionate about species conservation, sustainability, and multi-disciplinary, collaborative approaches to safeguard the natural world. Her professional experience in conservation, teaching, and enthusiasm for sustainable practices inspires Tara to make Nature Positive a goal that is inclusive for all, regardless of professional background.

Tara brings with her experience and knowledge of the Science Based Targets for Nature framework. She understands the importance of setting science-based targets to guide conservation efforts and ensure effective preservation of biodiversity. Tara actively incorporates this framework into her work, aligning her research and conservation initiatives with the principles and objectives of Science Based Targets for Nature.

In her spare time, Tara loves hiking and camping with her partner and rescue pup Koda. She enjoys running, live music gigs, traveling, and art.

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"Helping businesses reduce their impact on the environment is crucial for preserving biodiversity, conserving natural resources, and securing a healthier planet for future generations. By safeguarding diverse ecosystems, we can ensure the well-being of countless plant and animal species, and maintain the delicate balance of life on Earth."

Tara Garraty