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Power Roll Background

Power Roll's Solar Film is Quantified at 31.21 kgCO₂e For One Sheet

31.21kg CO₂e quantified for one sheet
10-30g CO₂e/kWh less than conventional solutions
218kg CO₂e saved by filming this remotely

To measure the environmental impact of their Perovskite based solar film product.






Power Roll have innovated a brand new technology, creating a solar PV module out of plastic film. In this case study we speak with Don Scott, Chief Commercial Officer at Power Roll about the assessment which Tunley carried out on their Perovskite Solar Power Film. As well as joined by Dr Gareth Davies, Carbon Reduction Scientist here at Tunley discusses the findings from the assessment. Power Rolls ambition was to, in time, create a product which has a much lower carbon footprint than other conventional solutions.

Tunley Environmental carried out a third party Lifecycle Carbon Assessment on their Perovskite Solar Power Film. From the results, the emissions from one sheet was quantified at 31.21 kgCO₂e. When comparing their product to other conventional silicone-based photovoltaic solutions, they are typically 20-40 gCO₂e/kWh, with an expected lifetime of 30 years. Whereas the calculated emissions for Power Roll's product was 11.43 kgCO₂e/kWh, with a predicted lifetime of 15 years. Which makes their product almost twice as cost effective than competing technology. With some room for future improvement, if Power Roll were to reduce the thickness of their solar film by half, then the emissions are expected to be that of 7.57 kgCO₂e/kWh.

Don Scott explains that from this assessment, they now have a roadmap to initiate further improvements and reductions to lower their product's carbon footprint even more with confidence. Don states that Tunley's expertise were "exceptionally valuable", from the level of "deep inspection" to "the level of detail of analysis, was fantastic!". Helping Power Roll gain the results they had only ever dreamed of reaching is truly an honour for Tunley to be involved. Having a future plan in place of how they can develop and grow their product for the better is another successful project from us.