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PB Design Saved 2.5 tCO₂e Over A Single Units' Lifetime

900kg CO₂e Less than conventional solution
2.5t CO₂e saved over the units lifetime
52.9kg CO₂e saved by filming this remotely

Reduce their environmental impact on a number of carbon related projects






PB Design develop and bring to the market a full range of battery chargers, switch trippers, UPS, batteries and system services for all types of AC and DC standby applications. In this case study we hear from Scott Commons, HSQE Manager and Zach Campbell, Finance Director at PB Design. The team at PB Design are very passionate about finding how they can reach carbon neutrality and net zero in the future. Before on boarding with Tunley Environmental, they were unsure on where to start. A great base for them to start was to produce a roadmap to help guide them through the transitions into becoming carbon neutral. 

Tunley Environmental have worked to help PB Design reduce their environmental impact on a number of carbon related projects, cutting their carbon emissions drastically. To start with, an Embodied Carbon Assessment was carried out on their 'Black Start Controller', by Dr Torill Bigg. With the collected data the embodied carbon of each of their Black Start Controller units was able to be calculated. Upon results, the embodied carbon for a single unit was around 900 kg CO2e less than the conventional solution for the problem. That's almost a whole tonne of CO2 equivalents saved for each unit. Meaning over a lifetime of a single unit saved around 2 1/2 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents, which is equal to charging 3,000 smartphones for each controller. 

Zach explains that working with Tunley Environmental was the "key to reaching our targets and reduce our carbon footprint." While helping them to legitimise their carbon efforts, to show that the products being produced and the efforts done internally are legitimate. Tunley Environmental helped PB Design plan for the future and how they can aim to be carbon neutral by 2030. 

By working with Tunley, the team at PB Design were given clear and greater understandings of carbon neutrality and having the ability to show their client base that they are a "forward thinking company and Tunley Environmental is an instrumental tool in helping us to reach that goal."  

Tunley Environmental was delighted to assist PB Design with the start of their carbon neutral and net zero journey. It's great to see the whole process from start to finish and know that they have a plan for the future. Each assessment carried out or roadmap provided, not only helps organisations become environmentally conscious but is also one step closer to a more sustainable future.