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Crown Oil Reduce Annual Emissions by 38.2%

38.2% Reduced emissions in one year
3,000 tonne reduction in their carbon footprint
41.89kg CO₂e saved by filming this remotely

Receive validation of their carbon saving figures and become carbon neutral.


Crown Oil




Crown Oil are a UK distributor of fuels and lubricants, in this case study we hear from Jeff Dunleavy, Group Safety and Carbon Reduction Officer at Crown Oil. Over recent years Crown Oil have invested in moving away from being a fossil fuel supplier and instead becoming the UK's first certified carbon neutral fuel distributor with the assistance of Tunley Environmental, helping them carry out a Business Carbon Assessment by looking at the Scope and Boundary of the company itself.

There was seen to be an influx of customers demanding that their fuel was received in an environmentally friendly way. This sparked the start of their sustainability journey before embarking with Tunley Environmental. Jeff explains they chose Tunley due to the fact that "they had the expertise to be able to verify everything that we have been doing and the environmental claims that we are making."

In order for Crown Oil to meet their sustainability goals set out for 2030, Carbon Reduction Scientist, Dr Aaron Yeardley needed to carry out an assessment of all their facilities and ensuring everything that needed to be involved and what they wanted to be carbon neutral were measured in the carbon footprint. This led to Crown Oil reducing their use of diesel significantly and replacing it all with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). With the combined success of this project from both parties involved, Crown Oil have reduced their Carbon Footprint by approximately 3,000 tonnes, a fantastic starting point for a company who are "actively reducing their emissions as much as possible".

Jeff describes the relationship between Crown Oil and Tunley as "extremely valuable, their expertise, the knowledge, and the customer service we have received from them has been fantastic." With the completion of the Business Carbon Assessment a Carbon Reduction Strategy was then able to be put in place. It allowed them to identify areas of improvement, followed by the implementation of measures to reduce emissions, in line with their 2030 net zero goals. 

Tunley is extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Crown Oil, they should be extremely proud of what they have accomplished for their organisation. Sustainable fuels are a way of the future and they are setting the scene for the future of HVO fuels.