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Pacifica Save 60,000 tCO₂e Every Year

60,000 tCO2e saved every year
96kg CO2e Saved By Filming Remotely
11,739 *Equivalent Smartphones Charged

Reduce carbon emissions and decarbonise their operations.


Embodied Carbon Assessment






In this video case study, we hear from Kevin Brown, the CEO of Pacifica Group, a nationwide business that undertakes domestic appliance repairs on behalf of manufacturers, insurance companies, and retailers. Alongside Dr. Torill Bigg and Natalie Bavis, Carbon Reduction Scientists at Tunley. They discuss their collaboration to reduce Pacifica’s carbon emissions through an embodied carbon assessment and decarbonising their operations. 

Their main goals were to fully understand the embodied carbon involved in their repair activities, which totalled 350,000 repair visits per year, and to communicate this research to the end customer so that they understood the benefits of choosing to repair their appliance instead of replacing it. The findings were staggering – the repair activities for Pacifica Group were much less emission intensive than replacement activities, with 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents saved every year.

Kevin describes the relationship between Pacifica and Tunley as “excellent”, with Tunley providing accurate reporting on the embodied carbon for simple and complex repairs. The results of the findings of the report will help drive a change in consumer behavior, ensuring that customers have the choice of a repair or a replacement, with the knowledge that repairing their appliance is an environmentally safe option.

We were pleased that we were able to help Pacifica demonstrate the importance of understanding and reducing carbon emissions within the appliance sector, and how picking the more sustainable option can lead to real change for the planet.