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SMS Technology Help Clients Have a Carbon Saving of up to 100%

52% Carbon saving on a standard tariff
100% Carbon saving if on a green tariff

To measure the environmental impact of their business operations.


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SMS Technology support organisations to digitalise their operational areas to remove paper-based tasks, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking, and compliance. SMS Technology came to Tunley to demonstrate and quantify their credentials for their service offerings and the potential emissions they would be able to reduce for their clients. Looking to find out overall what their impact was as a business, which was carried out through a Business Carbon Assessment (BCA). As well as what they can do to support their clients on their Scope 3 emissions.

Carbon Reduction Scientist, Dr Luan Ho, PhD conducted a BCA for SMS Technology. The assessment not only quantified the greenhouse gas emissions of business activities from the baseline year of 2023, but showed their commitment to understanding carbon footprinting and tackling climate change. From the BCA, they went on to conduct an Embodied Carbon Assessment (ECA). This assessment quantified the carbon emissions and highlighted environmental benefits for using SMS Techonology's service offerings, compared to conventional paper-based solutions. If a company is to switch to using SMS Technology's services they could see a carbon saving of 52% which carries the assumption of electricity being supplied via standard tariffs. Whereas, if a switch is made to a greener tariff, there could be a carbon saving of up to 100%. 

Speaking to CEO, Peter Williams from SMS Technology, these assessments have allowed them to quantify and see the positive impacts that it is having on their small and large clients. Peter states "It has given them the ability to support to that 100%". Peter describes his experience with Tunley as "amazing" and "the level of experience they've got, has been invaluable for us". Helping SMS Technology receive the quantification they desired is another successful outcome for Tunley Environmental and we hope to support them further on their sustainability journey. 

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