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ARK On Route to Reduce Emissions by 27%

720 tCO₂e total baseline year emissions
27% reduction in emissions by 2040

To measure the environmental impact of their global social projects.


Business Carbon Assessment to meet UK Government's PPN 06/21 requirements.





ARK is a social enterprise that delivers projects in the Middle East, Africa and Americas, working in fragile and conflicted countries, to design solutions with communities that promote peace and stability. To receive UK government funding, ARK were required to comply with PPN 06/21. Unsure on where to start, they came to Tunley for support and to carry out an assessment, which enables them to apply and receive the funding. Not only did ARK partner with Tunley to measure the environmental impact of their global social projects, but to also reduce it over time leading up to 2040.

A comprehensive Business Carbon Assessment was carried out by Dr Gareth Davies from Tunley Environmental. Quantifying all Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions as well as upstream and downstream transportation and distribution, business travel, waste operations, and employee commuting. This meant that all emissions were quantified relative to the PPN 06/21 requirements. The total emissions for the baseline year for ARK were 720 tCO2e. From this, a roadmap to net zero was developed and delivered with the end date of 2040. A main cornerstone was to localise ARK’s activities massively reducing flight and accommodation based emissions. By following the roadmap to net zero, ARK will be able to reduce their emissions by 27% by 2040.

Speaking with Henry Middleton, Chief Operations Officer at ARK, he explained that the assessment allowed them to comply with PPN 06/21 but "more importantly, it has given us credibility." For an organisation that is at the intersection of mitigating climate change, insecurity, and illegal migration it is crucial to be actively working to reduce their impact on the environment. We asked Henry 'Would you recommend others to follow in your footsteps with Tunley', his answer " gives you the chance to establish the baseline emissions...but most importantly allows you to do something about it."

Helping ARK meet the requirements for PPN 06/21 and setting out a roadmap for future improvement is another successful outcome for Tunley and great to support an organisation working to promote stability and peace globally.