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Leicester College x Moss Architecture

Leicester College Receive a Net Gain of 21.11%

21.11% Habitat net gain
16.85% Hedgerow net gain

Assess the biodiversity value of their site before and after development to achieve a 10% Net Gain.


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Leicester College x Moss Architecture


Tunley Environmental has conducted an independent small site BNG Assessment to identify and quantify the biodiversity of the site before and after development. Leicester College, is planning to build a new building and training facility and with the support of Moss Architecture Interiors Ltd, they have been asked to provide evidence of 10% Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) post-development to obtain planning permission. 
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The proposed development retains 653 m2 of its 3,278 m2 area habitats and includes the design and implementation of a sustainable drainage system which feeds into a rain garden, planting of individual trees, and inclusion of a meadow mix to form neutral grassland. The development also enhanced the line of trees to a 'native hedgerow with trees' with medium distinctiveness. The total biodiversity units post-development were 0.90 for 'area habitats' and 0.26 for 'hedges and lines of trees'.

Overall, the BNG assessment showed that the development project at Leicester College Abbey Park Campus achieved a net gain in biodiversity, with an 21.11% increase in biodiversity units for area 'habitats' and a 16.85% increase in biodiversity units for 'hedgerows'.