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iVAPPS Save 1.83 tCO₂e per System

The emission savings through use of PORTAL:
234,000 miles in an average diesel vehicle
46,000 kilograms of burning coal
11,000,000 *Equivalent Smartphones Charged

We quantified the emissions of their products over their life cycle.


Life Cycle Assessment






In this video case study, we hear from Simon Humphreys, the CEO of iVAPPS, who have engineered the fully patented and world’s first and only body, known as the PORTAL, which accommodates both the SMART cartridges and VALVE cartridge offering a unique sustainable solution to fluid system monitoring, such as power optimisation, pressure modulation and leak detection. Also featuring in the video is Nathan Wood, Carbon Reduction Scientist at Tunley. Simon discusses the incredible project and the discoveries made on the carbon saving capabilities of iVAPPS product vs alternatives.

iVAPPS future proof any networks going forward, allowing them to put technology into their clients’ pipelines quickly, efficiently, thus allowing their clients to digitise their complete networks within minutes. iVAPPS approached Tunley because they knew they had something unique in their innovation and they wanted to thoroughly understand the capability of the valve from a carbon perspective, and then how that can benefit their customers.

iVAPPS have been helping their customers identify where their leaks have been in their networks, right the way through to digital monitoring of the content of their pipeline. But what they now have after working with Tunley is way forward to help their customers identify how to reduce their carbon. On their net zero journey, they found that there were significant carbon savings due to the telemetry provided by the smart cartridge. This not only helped minimise water loss, it also reduces the need for utility companies to travel to get telemetry and data on their system.

The emission savings through use of the iVapps system are incredible:

  • Equivalent to driving roughly 234,000 miles in an average diesel vehicle
  • Equivalent to burning 46,000 kilograms of coal
  • Equivalent to charging over 11 million smartphones.

Simon noted that his relationship with Tunley “has been fantastic” and that he is inspired by the “commitment to the industry to help companies like theirs resolve their questions”. Tunley looks forward to witnessing the continued success of iVAPPS ground-breaking technology and continuing our relationship for years to come.