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Extrudakerb Has a 24.3% Carbon Reduction Per Metre of Barrier

24.3% Carbon Reduction per metre of barrier
37kg CO2e Saved By Filming Remotely
4,596 *Equivalent Smartphones Charged

Reduce the embodied carbon in their products through innovative practices.


Embodied Carbon Assessment






As leaders in the construction of concrete and asphalt products for the highway sector, Extrudakerb has made a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Through implementing innovative practices, they have managed to significantly reduce the embodied carbon in their products. Our case study video describes the incredible carbon reduction journey that Extrudakerb embarked upon!

An initial data collection template was developed so Extrudakerb could review and capture the data delivered on site to enable us to calculate Extrudakerb’s current carbon situation.

The data pack was able to provide a full breakdown of the embodied carbon within Extrudakerb’s product, to allow them to identify areas to maximise carbon savings within the product. Compared to a more conventional approach whereby pre-cast concrete barriers are manufactured at the factory and then transported to site; Extrudakerb’s method provides 24.3% carbon reduction per metre of barrier, demonstrating Extrudakerb’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Thomas, Extrudakerb’s HSQE Manager, regarded the services provided throughout the project to be ‘invaluable’, with ease of communication, quick response times to questions they had, all while providing evidence to back up the answers. 

Extrudakerb are already looking to reduce carbon in other areas of their operations through carbon reports and baseline studies. We look forward to nurturing our relationship now, and into the future.