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Optima Reduced 3,261 tCO₂e

3,261 Tonnes of CO₂e Reduced
113kg CO2e Saved By Filming Remotely
13,746 *Equivalent Smartphones Charged

Needing verification for their incredible efforts in accelerating their pathway to Net Zero.






Optima have manufacturing facilities in the UK and Kuala Lumpur and over 30 years’ experience in the glass partitioning industry. Optima pride themselves on offering exceptional service and beautifully designed glass partitions and doors which exude quality in every region they operate in. They are wholly dedicated to helping their clients create effective and innovative workspaces in some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

Optima were keen to receive third-party verification for their incredible efforts in accelerating their pathway to net zero. Once we had established Optima’s baseline year, we looked through their projects for ways to reduce both their operational carbon and their embodied carbon. The results are phenomenal.

Take a look at Optima’s journey to reducing their carbon footprint with the help of Tunley Environmental. In this case study video, discover how Tunley’s carbon assessments helped Optima accelerate their path to net zero, resulting in a significant reduction of 3,261 tonnes of CO2e. See how Tunley’s expertise and tailored approach to sustainability solutions made a tangible impact on Optima’s sustainability goals. This inspiring success story highlights the importance of taking action towards a more sustainable future and shows the positive impact that can be achieved through collaboration with experts like Tunley Environmental.