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As a passionate Sustainability Scientist, Lara specialises in Biophysics with expertise in biology, physics, and chemistry. She has a PhD in “Ultrasensitive Biophysical Techniques to Investigate Amyloid-Beta-Membrane Interactions in Single Lipid Vesicles” at the University of York. Lara’s research has resulted in the publication of 5 influential papers, shedding light on the impact of detergents and proteins, specifically Amyloid-Beta, on model cell membranes. This research holds significant implications for our understanding of Alzheimer’s disease.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Lara is driven by her personal interest in sustainable fashion and upcycling. She is keen on leveraging her interdisciplinary skills in biology and physics to tackle the pressing challenges in her role as a Carbon Reduction Scientist. Recognizing that the fast fashion industry contributes a staggering 10% of global carbon emissions, Lara is enthusiastic about collaborating with businesses worldwide to help them achieve their carbon emission goals.

During her leisure time, Lara immerses herself in various outdoor activities such as foraging and gardening. Additionally, she enjoys sewing and other crafts, allowing her creativity to thrive beyond carbon reductions.


"I truly enjoy collaborating with companies to substantiate their efforts to decarbonise and meeting people with the same drive to make a significant impact on climate change only further fuels my determination to create a more sustainable future for our planet."

Lara Dresser