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Are you looking to gain an understanding of how to implement sustainability within the construction industry? Learn just that and more in this downloadable guide.

This guide delves into the principles of sustainable construction, relevant legislation and case studies surrounding sustainable construction projects. We look into PAS 2080, LEED, BREEAM and much more in our comprehensive guide.

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According to IAE “The buildings sector is not on track for net zero by mid-century, with emissions growing at an average of 1% per year since 2015”, therefore sustainable construction has become a key focus for the building industry. This guide will discuss sustainable construction practices and the principles of 3 standards, identifying the key processes of each

  • Understanding PAS 2080, its key principles and benefits
  • Understanding LEED, its key principles and benefits
  • Understanding BREEAM, its key principles and benefits
  • How construction standards integrate with Sustainable Development Goals
  • Adoption and Certification
  • A case study example
  • A white paper on 'The Future of Concrete'
  • Challenges and future outlook


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