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Ellis Clark16 Apr 20241 min read

Green Building & Design Publication

Green Building & Design Magazine-20

Navigating Green Building Standards in the US

Key takeaways:

  • Programs like LEED are helping teams drive toward more sustainable building projects.
  • Guidance from USGBC, ICC, and the Green Building Initiative help to continue to evolve green building codes across the country.

Article Summary

The construction industry in the US has made significant progress in embracing environmentally friendly practices through the implementation of green building standards. These practices are crucial in reducing the environmental impact of residential and commercial structures by focusing on energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and the use of sustainable building materials.

The US has established governing bodies and organizations like the USGBC, ICC, and GBI to set and maintain green building standards, with LEED certification serving as the default standard. Adhering to these standards offers benefits such as reduced operating costs, healthier indoor environments, and contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. However, challenges like the initial cost of incorporating sustainable features and lack of awareness among stakeholders exist. Despite these challenges, the US is well-positioned to lead in creating environmentally responsible buildings.

Written by Ellis Clark, Dr Nathan Wood, and Dr Luan Ho


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