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Wesley Howard Wesley Howard
Sales and Operations Manager


WHO ARE iVapps?

iVapps has engineered the first fully patented and the world's first and only body, known as the PORTAL. It accommodates both the SMART cartridges and VALVE cartridge offering a unique sustainable solution to fluid system monitoring, such as power optimisation, pressure modulation, and leak detection. 

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In this study, the environmental performance of iVapps products, including the portal and two types of valve cartridges, was compared against traditional gate valves and data loggers commonly used in the water industry. The study focused on various operational scenarios and revealed several key findings:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The iVapps portal and valve cartridge NP showed a significantly lower emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) throughout their lifecycle compared to the combination of a standard gate valve and data logger.
  • Energy: The iVapps Smart cartridge is distinguished by its self-powered design, which eliminates the need for external energy and the associated GHG emissions.
  • Telemetry and Operational Efficiency: The Smart Cartridge's telemetry capabilities eliminate the need for utility teams to physically visit sites for data logger installation and network assessments. Additionally, the lifespan of the SMART Cartridge far exceeds that of a Data Logger. There are also significant carbon savings which result from the telemetry providing data which helps minimise water loss (emissions associated with production, pumping and distribution of lost/wasted water from leaks).
  • Carbon Emissions Savings Over 100 Years: The Portal + SMART cartridge combination can potentially save up to 1.83 tCO2e per system over a century compared to using a datalogger alone, or 5.68 tCO2e compared to a Standard Gate Valve + Datalogger setup.
  • Aggregate Carbon Savings: Assuming the deployment of 50 iVapps Portal + Valve Cartridge NP systems over a century, alongside a further 50 Smart Cartridge NP systems, a saving of between 73.63 tCO2e and 108.28 tCO2e when compared to 50 Standard Gate Valve + Datalogger systems is calculated. This translates to an average saving of approximately 90.96 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents over the century.
  • Environmental Impact Equivalence: The GHG emissions reduction of 90.96 tCO2e for the iVapps system is equivalent to:
  1. Driving 233,180 miles in an average diesel vehicle.
  2. Burning 46,216 kg of coal.
  3. Charging 11.06 million smartphones.
  4. The carbon sequestered by 108 acres of forest in one year.
  5. The carbon sequestered by 1,504 tree saplings grown over 10 years.

The Portal + SMART cartridge combination can potentially save up to 1.83 tCO2e per system over a century compared to using a data logger alone.

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"We are excited to showcase the iVapps system alongside other products and services that have the same ethos as iVapps. That is protecting the environment while also carrying out their vital business purposes."
WESLEY HOWARDSales and Operations Manager