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Tunley Environmental21 Mar 20242 min read

Tunley Environmental Joins Mersey Maritime

Tunley Environmental has become a member of Mersey Maritime, a regional cluster organisation for the maritime industry and wider supply chain. With our missions aligning and being committed to making a sustainable future in more ways than one, becoming a member was a way that we can drive change.

Who are Mersey Maritime?

Mersey Maritime is involved in initiatives related to the maritime industry, such as being a catalyst for growth, influencing policy and driving change for the good of the maritime sector. They created an ecosystem, championing ad supporting one of the most diverse maritime regions in the UK, Liverpool City. It was created as a not-for-profit organisation with more than 200 active members, spanning more then 33 sub-sectors of maritime and related supply chain including ports, shipping, offshore, engineering, professional services, logistics, manufacturing, and academia.

Raising Awareness

As the global community increasingly recognises the urgent need to address climate change, the maritime industry faces growing pressure to decarbonise its operations. Ports are a vital hub of international trade and play a significant role in this transition. Tunley Environmental understands the importance of port decarbonisation and this can be seen in the projects to decarbonise The Port of Detroit and Burns Harbor. To maximise its impact in this industry Tunley has created partnerships and joined forces with like-minded organisations dedicated to raising awareness about the possibilities and importance of decarbonising ports. Raising awareness is important for multiple reasons, some of which being:

  • Amplifying sustainable impact
  • Leveraging expertise in different areas
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Building momentum for sustainable initiatives
  • Driving policy change
  • Discovering new and innovative solutions

Tunley’s Important Projects in the Maritime Sector

A shining example of a sustainable maritime project is the one that Tunley Environmental has been working with The Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority and Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision to decarbonise The Port of Detroit. This ambitious project aims to reduce the port’s environmental impact, reducing emissions and improving sustainability. The project will implement a range of innovative technologies and methods to reduce emissions and promote cleaner energy sources, positioning the Detroit Port Authority as a leader in sustainable operations.

The decarbonisation project will have significant benefits for the Detroit Port Authority and the wider community, including reduced emissions, increased efficiency, improved air quality, and improved environmental sustainability. In addition, the project is expected to generate cost savings and attract new business and investment to the port and surrounding areas.

Ports around the world are following in the footsteps of The Port of Detroit. 

What does this mean for Tunley?

By joining Mersey Maritime, Tunley Environmental gains more than just a membership; we gain access to a dynamic network of industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders committed to driving change in the maritime industry. This presents an opportunity to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and collaborate on initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability, innovation, and growth within the maritime industry.

Our Mersey Maritime membership positions us at the forefront of key discussions and decision-making that shapes the future of the maritime industry. It is a platform to advocate for environmental conservation, promote sustainable practices, and most importantly drive positive outcomes for both the industry and the planet.



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