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Tunley Environmental22 Mar 20243 min read

The Unconventional Partnership Between Team BRIT and Tunley

We can see the headlines already… “Sustainability scientists partner with oil guzzling race team”. This is far bigger than that.

Motor racing, steeped in decades of history, stands as a thriving industry beloved by many—a legacy we're committed to preserving. The future of racing relies on implementing sustainable initiatives to reduce carbon output. That’s why we are partnering up with Team BRIT, a competitive racing team that is revolutionising the world of motorsports.

Team BRIT is important because it is the only competitive team of all-disabled racing drivers in the world. Each car is adapted to the requirements of each racer. Unlike traditional disability sports teams, Team BRIT competes on a level playing field with able-bodied drivers, offering a unique and inclusive approach to competitive racing that no other sport can offer.

Embracing Sustainability in Motorsports

As a sponsor of Team BRIT, we are committed to promoting sustainability within the racing industry. We understand that racing sports have often been associated with negative environmental impacts, particularly due to their reliance on fossil fuels. However, we firmly believe that it is possible to transform the world of motorsports into a more sustainable domain.

Team BRIT already has a brilliant approach to sustainability, with a huge focus on recycling. They looked to engage with a specialist who could put verified figures behind their carbon reduction efforts, that’s where Tunley Environmental come into play.

Shifting Towards Sustainability

Our collaboration with Team BRIT extends beyond traditional sponsorship. We are actively engaged in conducting a Business Carbon Assessment and a Lifecycle Assessment of the Team BRIT racing cars. Through these assessments, we are striving to identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and minimise the environmental footprint of the racing team.

One of the most exciting initiatives we are undertaking involves the assessment of the lifecycle of a specific vehicle - the BMW M240i, which was rescued from the scrapyard at an auction and rebuilt into a high-performance racing car. This innovative approach showcases the potential for sustainability within motorsports and highlights the environmental benefits of re-purposing and rebuilding racing vehicles.

Securing a Sustainable Future for Motorsports

Despite the significant challenge ahead, we are resolute in our mission to pave the way for a more sustainable future in motorsports. Our goal is to help Team BRIT become carbon neutral and establish a benchmark for environmental responsibility within the racing industry.

We are eager to explore and implement various strategies to improve sustainability, reduce carbon emissions, and promote eco-friendly practices within the realm of competitive racing. Together, we’ll work with Team BRIT to share our learning across the paddock and throughout the racing industry so that we can show where small changes can lead to big impact.

The EV Project

As part of our partnership, Team BRIT will be helping us to construct a wholly recycled fleet vehicle—certainly not your run-of-the-mill model, but rather something quite extraordinary. Stay tuned for further details unfolding in the months ahead. Our newsletter subscribers will be the first to hear about this project.

All About Embracing Change

Tunley Environmental is excited to be at the forefront of integrating the worlds of sustainability and racing with Team BRIT. We invite all our stakeholders, partners, and supporters to join us in embracing this change and championing sustainability within motorsports.

It is possible to demonstrate that motorsports and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive. Through our collaboration with Team BRIT, we are determined to set a new standard for sustainability in racing and inspire positive change within the industry.

A Documented Journey

But our partnership with Team BRIT isn't just about assessments — we’re going to be documenting Team BRIT’s journey towards sustainability in the fast-paced world of racing. Throughout the racing season, we'll be creating exciting videos that capture our progress, from the track to the workshop. These videos will showcase our collaborative efforts, highlight the challenges we face, and celebrate our successes as we work towards a carbon-neutral future.


learn more about our partnership with Team BRIT, get the first-watch on our videos and follow the journey of Team BRIT’s road to environmental sustainability.