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biodiversity crisis loss whitepaper by tara garraty
Tara Garraty30 Jan 20242 min read

Tunley Become a Member the British Ecological Society

Joining the British Ecological Society (BES) opens the door to a myriad of benefits that go beyond mere membership. Firstly, it provides a gateway to staying informed and well-equipped with the latest research in the field of ecology. BES membership grants access to cutting-edge studies, ensuring that you are abreast of the newest developments, thereby enhancing your ability to contribute meaningfully to ecological conversations. Additionally, BES membership has enabled us to learn about Applied Ecology Resources (AER) which works in partnership with BES. We are lucky enough to be able to call ourselves members of both. Whilst BES connects members with others in the field of ecology, AER connects resources from all different aspects of ecological research and industries. Both resources are invaluable to us at Tunley Environmental as it is crucial to have a finger on the pulse of ecological developments like BES and AER successfully keep members informed.

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What Benefits it Brings

Not only does becoming a BES and AER member aide in keeping up to speed with new ecological research and developments, it also means entering a dynamic community of ecologists that spans across various experience levels. This diverse network includes both seasoned professionals and newcomers, fostering collaboration and idea-sharing. The interconnectedness within this community makes it easier to share insights, discuss ideas, and collectively find innovative solutions to pressing ecological challenges. Membership to both these organisation include opportunities such as workshops, conferences, and training demonstrate the commitment of both BES and AER to ensure continuous learning opportunities and professional growth opportunities are available to all members which will further allow them to excel in their ecological careers.

What it Means for Biodiversity Specialist Tara Garraty

One of the most enjoyable experiences in my ecological career recently have been attending the BES Annual Conference this past December of 2023 in Belfast. I was lucky enough to present some of my PhD research on climate change impacts on ecosystem indicator taxa groups within the Amazon Rainforest. This conference was a prime opportunity for all members and non-members who are interested in ecological research and preservation to gather and discuss advancements and findings. Additionally, it presents an opportunity to make lasting connections with fellow ecologists, and even sneak in a bit of informal networking (and ceilidh dancing) with colleagues at the BES Party.

Being part of the collective Voice

Beyond personal growth, being part of the British Ecological Society and Applied Ecology Resources means being part of a collective voice that advocates for ecological causes on various platforms. BES is actively engaged in policy discussions, ensuring that ecological perspectives play a crucial role in decision-making processes, whilst AER enables the field of ecology access to valuable resources. Additionally becoming a Bronze member of AER allows us at Tunley Environmental to have a greater contribution to the wealth of ecological resources available to all BES and AER members.


In summary, being a member of both the British Ecological Society and Applied Ecological Resources offers practical benefits for individuals devoted to preserving our planet's diversity. The BES provides a solid foundation of knowledge, networking, and advocacy, while Applied Ecological Resources translates these into practical solutions and collaborative projects. Joining these organisations means actively contributing to the future of ecological conservation in a meaningful and practical way. Together, let's take practical steps towards a more sustainable and resilient planet.


Tara had a white paper published on AER, download it now to read all
about Biodiversity Loss Crisis.