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Tunley Environmental25 Jan 20243 min read

The Story Behind Tunley Environmental's Visionary Video

Global temperatures in 2023 reached record-breaking levels. The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), has revealed that 2023 brought the hottest month on record in June 2023 and daily global temperature averages briefly surpassed pre-industrial levels by more than 2°C. 2023 overtook 2016 (the previous warmest year) by a large margin. The alarming rise in global temperatures serves as an urgent reminder that the impacts of climate change are not a distant threat but a current reality. In the face of this climatic milestone, the need for compelling visual narratives on climate change becomes more pressing than ever. 

The scientific consensus is clear: the Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate, with devastating consequences for ecosystems, weather patterns, and human societies. The data, charts, and graphs that illustrate this warming trend are essential for conveying the severity of the issue to policymakers and scientists. However, the power of visual storytelling through video has the potential to amplify the impact, reaching a broader audience and stirring collective action. 

Tunley Environmental aimed to narrate a compelling story of change through our main company video, a visual representation of Tunley’s core beliefs and values, crafted by SW Productions. 

The video opens with a stark portrayal of the negative impacts of humanity's current treatment of the planet. It serves as a sobering wake-up call, an acknowledgment of the urgent need for a shift in our approach to sustainability. However, amidst the shadows of environmental challenges, a powerful message emerges, echoing through the screen: "There's still time to make a positive impact on our planet." 

This pivotal moment marks a transition in the narrative, as the visuals transform to reveal breathtaking aerial shots of a flourishing Earth. Nature's beauty takes centre stage, reminding viewers of the delicate balance that exists when the environment is nurtured with care. This sequence encapsulates Tunley's core belief in the potential for positive change and sets the stage for a transformative journey. 

At the heart of Tunley's vision is the commitment to "empower sustainable solutions." This is more than just a corporate tagline; it's a rallying cry for collective action. The video transitions to snippets of Tunley's clients sharing their experiences, providing real-world examples of the positive outcomes that result from engaging with Tunley on sustainability assessments. 

Tunley's mission to "accelerate sustainability globally" is brought to life through a multifaceted approach outlined in the video: 

  1. Educating: The video aligns seamlessly with Tunley's dedication to carbon literacy. It emphasises the importance of informing, educating, and increasing understanding through various channels, including training sessions, articles, webinars, and publicity initiatives. The aim is to illuminate the intricate link between carbon emissions and global warming, fostering a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges we face.
  2. Delivery: Tunley's commitment to completing carbon and biodiversity assessments for organisations worldwide is showcased in vivid detail. The video offers a look into their client’s perspective on the outcomes of the comprehensive process — from measuring an organisation's current environmental state to envisioning future possibilities.
  3. Speed: Tunley's unique approach to accelerating sustainability plans takes centre stage. The video highlights the role of expertise and knowledge in fast-tracking reduction efforts. Tunley's commitment to expediting the transition to sustainability is a testament to the urgency of the environmental challenges we face.
  4. Desirability and Benefits: The video goes beyond the environmental benefits, delving into the financial advantages of carbon reduction achievements. Tunley's commitment to publicising these benefits and demonstrating the marketing opportunities underscores the desirability of sustainable practices in the business landscape. Becoming a sustainable business is good for the planet and your bottom line. The strategic alignment of financial gains with environmental stewardship is a potent motivator for organisations to embrace sustainability wholeheartedly. 

As the video unfolds, we wanted it to encapsulate our dedication to our mission and the collaborative journey towards a more sustainable future. By empowering sustainable solutions, Tunley is not only setting a benchmark for environmental stewardship but inviting others to come together in the collective pursuit of a more sustainable planet. 

In a world where every action has a ripple effect, we hope that our video serves as a catalyst for positive change. Watch the full video and be inspired to embark on your sustainability journey with Tunley Environmental.  


Look no further, Tunley's sustainability consultants can work with you and assist you on your sustainable journey.