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Tunley Environmental1 Jun 20233 min read

Champions In Sport, Champions In Sustainability

We recently had the opportunity to interview Laura, the captain of our sponsorship team, Mosborough Ladies Football Club, who shared her insights on how our partnership has transformed their approach to the game and their commitment to the environment, contributing to their success on the field but has also sparking a journey towards sustainability.  

Mosborough Ladies had an incredibly successful season, gaining promotion by coming second in the league and winning their first ever trophy in the cup competition. Laura’s initial remarks were “As the captain of Mosborough Ladies Football Club, I just wanted to take the time out to speak on behalf of the team to thank Tunley Environmental for everything this season.” We are extremely pleased to have been a part of their journey.


What difference has this sponsorship made to your team and your understanding of net zero? 

Tunley’s sponsorship has provided Mosborough Ladies Football Club with “more than just financial support”. Laura explains that the increased funding has allowed for “significant improvements in facilities, ensuring we have access to playable pitches and enhancing the overall performance of the team.” However, “the sponsorship goes beyond monetary benefits” and has “fostered a strong collaboration” between the players and Tunley, emphasising the shared values of sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

What did you learn from your net zero project that you didn’t know before your project with Tunley? 

Laura stated that through our collaboration, the club embarked on a journey to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. The Net-Zero project became a catalyst for change, prompting the team to evaluate their impact on the environment and seek ways to mitigate it. Laura highlighted the importance of establishing a baseline value to understand their greenhouse gas emissions and identify areas for improvement. She also said that “undergoing the Net-Zero project, calculating our Carbon Footprint and understanding the Global Warming Potential that we are responsible for was a serious eye opener to how important this actually is.” 

What specific steps or measures is the club taking to achieve net zero emissions? 

The net-zero project shed light on the significance of commuting and its contribution to carbon emissions. Laura mentioned that the team began “turning off the lights and spending less time in the changing rooms.” Once the team had collected the data, they noticed that “the results clearly showed how impactful the commuting is.” Because of this, the team “began car sharing and actively reducing our emissions.” They learnt that one team member’s electric car was “much better for the environment so she has become the designated driver for every match, taking a full car to every match.” 

Expanding Environmental Consciousness  

Tunley’s partnership not only advanced the net-zero roadmap project but also elevated the team’s overall environmental consciousness. While they were already practicing small sustainability actions like tidying up rubbish and turning off lights, the collaboration brought a “deeper understanding of the environmental challenges” they face. The players now “recognise the need to consider various aspects such as commuting, replacing kit and equipment, and making informed choices that align with their commitment to sustainability”. 

Tunley’s Remarks on the Continued Partnership and its Incredible Impact 

The story of Mosborough Ladies Football Club is a testament to the power of collaboration and the transformative impact it can have. Through our partnership and shared values, we have empowered the team to become not only champions on the field but also champions for the environment. Mosborough Ladies Football Club has embraced sustainability, making conscious choices to reduce their carbon footprint and inspire change within their community. At Tunley, we are proud to support their journey and look forward to continuing our shared commitment to a greener future. 



We have released a full white paper on Mosborough Ladies FC's journey with Tunley Environmental.