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Stacey is a Sustainability Consultant for Tunley Environmental and is responsible for client acquisition.

Stacey is the initial point of contact for prospects and potential clients and uses her experience and knowledge to present and promote our services. Helping businesses use less carbon and energy to minimise environmental impact falls in line with Stacey’s own personal values and is something she’s very passionate about. This helps in establishing, developing, and maintaining positive business and client relationships.

In her spare time Stacey is an avid traveller and is constantly planning her next big trip. She enjoys making friends with people all over the world, in an effort to understand different cultures and perspectives. She loves camping with her two dogs and tries to spend most weekends outdoors exploring new places. As a music fanatic, Stacey goes to many concerts and has always endeavoured to choose experiences over material things.  

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"Working with such an amazing and knowledgeable team, whilst doing my part to help combat climate change, is the perfect combination and is why I love doing what I do."