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Sophie is the Website and Graphic Designer at Tunley Environmental, she is responsible for ensuring the brand is represented in the correct manor, conveying the correct message in line with our brands vision, mission and values. The maintenance of a website is crucial, especially when working in such a topical industry. Sophie maintains, updates and re-designs the website where it is required. Ensuring that all corresponds well on mobile and for SEO purposes. Working closely with all teams to produce a multitude of graphics fitting various needs and requirements.

Sophie has a passion for sustainability and finding new ways on becoming more sustainable within her day-to-day life. One passion and hobby is having her own allotment to grow produce, it’s also a great way to get outside rather than sitting in front of the TV. By having an allotment, Sophie is constantly learning new tips and tricks on what to grow and how to grow it. Of course, by having an allotment you’d be silly to not compost your veg peelings and other bits. Other hobbies consist of hiking, baking cakes and making jams, gins and chutneys with fruits from the allotment.

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