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Dr Torill Bigg25 Oct 20232 min read

SustainabilityX Magazine Award

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Dr Torill Bigg: Channeling Three Decades of Experience Towards a Greener Future

Chief Carbon Reduction Scientist of Tunley Environmental: The SustainabilityX® Magazine's Global 50 Women In Sustainability Awards 2023 Awardee.

"I am very honoured by this award. I lead an amazing talented team, and we are supported by a forward thinking and dynamic organisation. I can only accept this award on behalf of that team and as a professional accolade to all that have walked with me, encouraged and supported me on a journey that I did not walk alone."

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Dr. Torill Bigg, a renowned figure in Environmental Protection and Sustainability, was captivated by the field 30 years ago. Armed with a diverse background in biochemistry, chemical engineering, and business management, she has made significant engineering and scientific contributions to a world focused on sustainability and nature conservation. Now, as the Chief Carbon Reduction Scientist at Tunley Environmental, Dr. Bigg exemplifies leadership, nurturing a Science Team that consistently achieves excellence.

"As leaders, we have the privilege to inspire great minds and creative thinkers to collectively deliver solutions that will nurture our world in all of its diversity and for all people," says Dr. Bigg, emphasising the essential role women leaders play in driving sustainable development.

Addressing the motivation behind her illustrious career, she shares, "The most complex challenges of our times drew me to sustainability. Overcoming the challenge of being heard, I armored myself with education, skill, experience, patience, and collaboration."

With her eyes set on the future, Dr. Bigg believes that women from diverse backgrounds will find their voice, harnessing their knowledge and eventually their wisdom. Advocating strongly for gender equality and inclusivity, she emphasises the power of language and collaboration. "Successful projects thrive on diverse teams. By using inclusive language and demonstrating flexibility and sensitivity to all team members' needs, we can overcome inherent biases," she adds.

Dr. Bigg points out that women's innate qualities, like being attentive listeners and holding strong social values, equip them to address sustainability challenges. To aspiring women in sustainability, she advises, "Seize every opportunity, even if it looks like hard work, and remember that you possess everything required to make a monumental difference in your community."

In this demanding field, Dr. Bigg admits that prioritising self-care isn't straightforward. Her mantra? "You cannot pour from an empty vessel." With her tight-knit circle of friends and family, and hobbies like music and language learning, she finds her equilibrium.

Hoping for a future where women from all spheres get a chance to be heard, Dr. Bigg stresses that women leaders can be powerful advocates for inclusivity and equality. This award, symbolising her enduring commitment and achievements, holds immense significance for her. "This award is not just mine. It's an accolade to my incredible team at Tunley Environmental and to every individual who's been a part of this fulfilling journey with me," she concludes with gratitude.


Thank you SustainabilityX Magazine