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Tunley Environmental30 Apr 20244 min read

The Impact of Sustainability Initiatives on Businesses

Impacts of Sustainability Initiatives | Tunley Environmental

As business leaders, it’s likely that you’ve looked into engaging with sustainability initiatives to align your company with environmental responsibility and meet the changing expectations of consumers. With access to a database of incredible clients—fellow business leaders—we’ve carried out thorough research and compiled the insights to provide you with a firsthand look at what engaging in a carbon assessment truly involves and the tangible outcomes it yields. Continue to read the article below to find out what other business leaders experienced from engaging with a carbon assessment, including supporting case studies.

1. Business Reputation

Our research has revealed a growing awareness among businesses about the importance of sustainability in shaping public perception. Over 87% of our researched clients pursued sustainability initiatives to enhance their brand reputation, recognising the positive impact sustainable practices can have on how they are perceived by the public. Simon Humphreys, CEO of iVapps undertook an Embodied Carbon Assessment of their incredible, fully patented and world’s first and only body, known as the PORTAL, which accommodates both the SMART cartridges and VALVE cartridge offering a unique sustainable solution to fluid system monitoring. Simon expressed that "working with Tunley has fundamentally changed our marketing approach."

2. Meeting Customer Demands

The evolving expectations of consumers play a pivotal role in driving businesses to embrace sustainability. Our research has shown that 79% of our clients aimed to meet customer demands by integrating sustainable practices into their operations. This proactive approach not only meets customer demands but also positions businesses as socially responsible entities. LeeAnne Scherer, Senior Director of Global Service Operations at Masimo Consumer states “Tunley's knowledgeable team of professionals knew what we were looking to do and worked quickly with our global team to gather and analyse our data.  Throughout the process, they were easy to work with and on time on their delivery schedule. I highly recommend Tunley's services.” 

3. Environmental Responsibility

The commitment of our clients to contribute to environmental responsibility and corporate environmental stewardship has been commendable. Across our research sample, we have observed various strategies implemented by clients to fulfil their environmental responsibilities, including the adoption of renewable energy, waste reduction, transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs), and implementing alternative materials. Sustainability initiatives are recommended once your company’s data has been analysed and the most appropriate initiatives have been identified based on your sustainability goals. The low-hanging fruit will always be tackled first to ensure that you make headway in reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Tangible Impact of Recommendations

The tangible impact of our recommendations on our clients' actions has been profound. For instance, half of the clients adopted renewable energy upon our advice, showcasing a proactive shift toward sustainable practices. Furthermore, 67% implemented waste reduction strategies, contributing to a significant reduction in their environmental footprint. Our long-term client, Optima Systems, opted for an alternative type of aluminium called CIRCAL 75R which contains 75% post-consumer recycled content upon our recommendation, this adoption alone remove 3,261 tonnes of CO₂e from Optima’s glass partition and office solution products (equivalent to driving 8,340,228 miles in an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle).

5. Client Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our clients is paramount to Tunley Environmental. Our commitment to stress-free emissions calculations and clear communication has resulted in high satisfaction levels reported by our clients. Their contentment with our services underscores the positive experience they have had when working with us. From the research, the figure that we are most proud of is ‘100% of clients would recommend Tunley Environmental to others’. We look forward to continuing to help other organisations to reduce their carbon footprint for years to come.

The Difference between Assessment Services

Our specific assessment services, including the Embodied Carbon Assessment, Business Carbon Assessment, and Life Cycle Assessment, have yielded remarkable results. A Business Carbon Assessment looks at the baseline year emissions of a company from all 3 scopes, providing a roadmap to reach net zero by the deadline which we work with you to decide based on your goals. The Embodied and Life Cycle Carbon Assessments look at the emissions from a product. An ECA identifies the emissions from raw material production to the manufacturing stage, whereas the LCA looks at the emissions from raw material extraction all the way to the end of the product’s life.

Continuous Improvement

Tunley Environmental is committed to ongoing improvement based on client feedback, refining our approach and further tailoring our services to the needs of business leaders. We are dedicated to leveraging these insights to enhance our services and support our clients in their sustainability journey.

The Bottom Line

As a business, we will continue to empower sustainable solutions for organisations across the globe. With expertise spanning heavy industry, construction, pharmaceuticals, education, architecture, and beyond, we are uniquely positioned to guide you on your journey to achieving net zero emissions, regardless of your industry. Don't hesitate to reach out for a free consultation to explore how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs for carbon reduction.